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Rusztowania certyfikat B

We have PLATINO certification for safety "B"

Scaffolds, Formworks


GET company is one of the leader in the sale market of scaffolds and other equipment used on the construction sites. Our market positions in Poland and abroad has been earned due to the trust of the clients in our.

In response to the increasing market demand in 2007 we have started our own production of facade scaffolds PLATINO,dimensionally based on the Plettac system, and a year later LIBERO, dimensionally based on the Layher system. In 2009 we have begun prodaction of scaffolds RUBINO, dimensionally based on the Rux. Therefore we have become  the only Polish producer of these three basic systems found on our construction sites.

Co-operation and continuous dialogue with our customers can only be achieved due to the work of our creative and friendly personnel opened to the needs of customers. A well-organized and trained team of the sale representatives has to be mentioned and their role to advise the client so that he was happy with the choice for the everyday work at the construction site.

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